Model: PS2031064 X-Sleeve American pride

Dog Bite Sleeve for K9 training,Canine Training, all dogs




Walk without pulling!

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American Pride Bite Sleeve with Shoulder Protection and Tri Level Bite Bar

Teach your dog proper targeting, develop and improve his biting skills with this Bite Sleeve with Shoulder Protection. This dog protection bite sleeve has a concave bite bar to keep the pet centered on the sleeve and with deep, full grips. Professional Dog Sleeve is a excellent sleeve for all levels of dogs. The sleeve doesn't contain any metal or outside plastic parts to achieve the highest level of safety. It's also adjustable, lightweight and easy to put on/off. order this wonderful bite dog sleeve and provide yourself with safety, maximum flexibility and range of motion.

Dog Bite Sleeve for K9 training,Canine Training, all dogs

Why you should buy this sleeve:

  • Durable interior and exterior materials
  • No metal or outside plastic parts
  • Tri level bite bar
  • Shoulder protection
  • 3 ways adjustable bite area
  • Padded inside handle
  • 6 ways adjustable handle

When to use this bite dog sleeve:

  • Police training
  • Guard training
  • Protection training

To be completely safe, this gear doesn't have any metal or plastic parts on the outside. Outstanding durability and superior design makes it great for k9 Dog Pro, Police, Schutzhund and Military training! This is really multifunctional equipment. Smart design gives the trainer excellent mobility during training session.

This sleeve is lightweight despite looking bulky. It is produced from durable and high quality materials. They are dog-friendly and can't cause any allergy or irritation. s for the construction itself, everything is made to make the gear easy to use and maintain. There is 3 level bite bar regulation for proper adjustment. It allows you to regulate the gear for 3 different sizes, depending on your doggy. So, this only one dog bite sleeve will replace 3 others items.

Hand stitching reinforces the sleeve and makes its life longer. The special shield provides shoulder protection. The gear is available in left or right arm. Choose preferable one when placing your order. Think about buying this sleeve because no safe training is possible without reliable protection of the trainer!

Note! Additional sleeve covers can be purchased separately.

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