Model: PBB5J1064 Puppy Training Jute Sleeve

Puppy Bite Builder Young Dog Protection Sleeve for Dog Training




Walk without pulling!

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Jute Bite Builder Sleeve for Training Puppies and Young Dogs

Look here! Great tool for teaching strong hard grips and strikes of your doggy is offered here. This wonderful accessory will help you to direct pet's energy into the correct way. This great teaching tool is created for advanced bite training. It is used for building full bite grip, better position grip and of course stronger grip. This soft jute material is easy and positive for your puppy to bite and stitched to keep its form. This accessory will successfully deal with sharp teeth of your pet and resist tension. Believe, your dearest puppy deserves only the best therefore order this efficient bite builder for bite dog training!

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  • Strong bite builder made of natural JuteReliable Jute bite builder for your puppy
  • Tear-proof bite builder made of natural juteJute bite developer for puppy training
  • Training jute puppy bite builder with comfy handlesTraining jute puppy bite builder with comfy handles

Why you should buy this dog builder:

  • High quality natural jute
  • 2 round padded hard handles
  • Easy bite grip angle for training
  • Stitched

When to use this dog builder:

  • Advanced bite training
  • Building full bite grip
  • Building better position grip
  • Building stronger grip

This dog bite builder is available in jute. It is completely natural and safe material without any toxic elements. The nite builder is harmless for the pet's teeth. What is more, jute gear is super strong as it has high tear and wear resistance. Be sure, this accessory will last long.

This is a great working tug. The gear lets the trainer target the bite. The dog has to open its mouth wide to get a good bite from this tug. Due to this smartly designed tool your pet will quickly learn/develop/improve his biting skills and will be ready to further his education on the next stage.

This jute dog bite builder is lightweight so very comfy for you in use. Moreover, due to inside handles, your hands will stay fully protected. They are 2 round padded hard handles. There are also no metal or plastic parts therefore, it is not dangerous for your puppy.

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